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Utrecht, is a major city in the Netherlands and the largest city in the Dutch province of Utrecht. Although it's importance has been reduced with the rise in prominence of Amsterdam, Utrecht still remains the religious center of both Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity in the Netherlands. The "old" city centre of Utrecht contains many major medieval style buildings. Perhaps one of the most important features of the city is the Oudegracht ("old canal" in Dutch) that runs through the center of the city. The Oudegracht serves to connect the city of Utrecht back to the Rhine through one of its major streams, the Lek. Utrecht also contains the largest university in the Netherlands - Utrecht University. With plenty of theatres, art galleries, and cultural organisations, Utrecht's active cultural life is only second to that of Amsterdam. Due to its rather central location in the country, the city remains a major hub for rail and road transport. 

In the late 1890s, the city began to expand westward, beyond the ancient limits to create new neighborhoods for increasing population. Neighbourhoods such as Oog in Al were planned and designed by architects such as H.P. Berlage. As Utrecht was rapidly expanding, Rietveld and Truus Schroder chose the location of the house to be just at the edge of the city - right in between the comforts of the countryside at the outskirts of Utrecht and bustle of the city. This relationship was very important to Schroder as she wanted her children to be exposed to countryside but she still wanted it to be easy for them to visit their friends in the city.

A view of the Oudegracht Canal in Utrecht.

The Domkerk Tower, Utrecht.

Utrecht University (taken from Flickr user: allaboutouni2307).

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